Wednesday, April 06, 2011

"Hotter Than This Wasabi, Pittsburgh Boy, Sidney Crosby"

Nice to see we're starting to get a whole lot of consistency out of @chiddybang, as they keep cranking out quality tracks. I value originality in music, which why I've hitched a ride to their bandwagon. Their Indie vibe made of grimy verses delivered by @realchiddy and interesting, organic production is makes their sound unique. Seems like Hip Hop is starting to take note as more and more artists like @macmiller are contributing verses on their upcoming album Breakfast, due out sometime this summer and coinciding with the Bamboozle Roadshow they are embarking on with @/pusha_T.

Digging the 1960's Martha and the Vandellas - Heatwave sample too, feel free to check the original below...
Also, if you haven't heard of @XaphoonJones aka the other half of Chiddy, you should give his new mixtape Xaphoon Jones Vol 2 a listen. The beats XJ is capable of making are awe inspiring, like this break beat right here. Pretty sick, it's no wonder they've got such a fresh sound with him behind the boards...

East coast could use a damn heat wave with all this rain/sleet this week. Better get some damn sunshine for Sundaze this weekend before I do the unthinkable double header and finish the night watching Chiddy and Wale...#HollaAtchaBoy

Chiddy Bang feat Mac Miller - Heatwave


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