Monday, April 25, 2011

"So paid, Rappers is Waitin’ on Trades and They All Get Knicked Like Melo"

Wow, talk about a good look and lights out collab. @ludacris + @S1AUGHTERHOUSE over a @mrporter2012 beat is a formula for destruction. Whoever decided to combine all the above elements on one track clearly wanted to get some last second momentum together for the release of Fast Five (due out this Fri). To be fair, in my mind, nobody is ever gonna touch Pov City Anthem by Cadillac Tah on the original Fast and the Furious soundtrack and if you're scratchin' your head wonderin' WTF?, then you clearly haven't been hanging around me. I wanted that instrumental as a ringtone before custom ringtones were even invented...#DreamBig
Buyer beware though, the soundtrack is nothing like the fierce track below. If possible I'd go on iTunes and start petitioning this to be sold as a single. If only you could just cop it and be done with it, but the powers that be are calling this track "Album Only" on iTunes, like I wanna fast forward through twelve tracks to get to this heat rock...#OnSomeBS

Feel free to appreciate it for what is it and don't feel stupid rewinding @therealcrookedi's verse either. Y'all ever heard of a trabalengua? Try sayin' the three bars below three times fast...#DoubtIT
"I’m a syllable, Hannibal, killer cannibal
With a mechanical manual to deliver the flammable ammo
Lyrical animal off the top"
I'll give it to you Universal, y'all almost made me consider watching the movie after hearin' this track. Daps & lbs are in order, feel free to indulge in a slice of lyrical Hip Hop delight...

Ludacris ft Slaughterhouse & Claret Jai - Furiously Dangerous (prod by Mr. Porter)
Bonus: Did anybody else see the Peter Griffin take on Mr. Washee Washee Street Fighter Style last Sunday? That jumbled together gibberish he yelled when doin' the helicopter kick had me rollin' man, that was my childhood. I used to ride and die with Dhalisim...#LongAppendagesWin


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