Monday, April 18, 2011

2011 Coachella's Epic Ending

I was planning on doing a post tonight giving a video wrap up of Coachella until I got a text from my boy Mikey Mikey who was in attendance at the Indio, CA festival this weekend. He had invited me to come along about a month ago, but with the various trips and ridiculous amounts of concerts I've seen lately, it wasn't in the budget. Regardless, I was happy I'd, at the very least, get his perspective and first hand take on the best, worst and most noteworthy acts at the festival.

If you've read this blog at all the past few months, you've probably noticed the continuing stream of awesome Indie music that Mike has shared, which has provided a break from all the Hip Hop/R&B I post. Dude knows Indie music and he's just as passionate of a writer as I am, which means regardless of who is posting, we're taking it upon ourselves to sell you our favorite music. As such, you could imagine why I was surprised and instantly intrigued when I got the text below from him:
"Dude! Kanye put on one of the best shows I've ever seen last night."
Hmm...out of all the must see Indie acts like Freelance Whales, Two Door Cinema Club, Cold War Kids, his favorite act was Kanye? I got that text two hours ago and every minute since then has been spent watching the various videos of his performance and gaining a complete understanding of why he felt that way. The videos do all the explaining that my words can't as the visibly emotional Kanye put on one of the most noteworthy performances this decade. Yea, it's one of those performances people will be talking about for years down the road as Kanye called it, "The most important show to him since his mom passed" and further explained how great it was to get the chance to close out Coachella. Below are my three favorite clips of his set...#PressPlay...
Kanye West - H.A.M. Intro/Dark Twisted Fantasy

Kanye West - Say You Will/Speech

Kanye West - Hey Mama/Outro

Below is a video of the whole hour and a half performance, but I've had a hard time getting the video below to play tonight. Hopefully if it stays up you'll click on it tomorrow when everyone on the internet isn't trying to load it.


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