Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Concert Review: Chiddy Bang and Wale at Muhlenberg

Continuing my all day concert adventure that started out at Lehigh University with @RealWizKhalifa and @MacMiller's free show in the afternoon. In the nightcap, local up and comers @ChiddyBang were set to open for @Wale at a small university (Muhlenberg College) nearby. The consensus would undoubtedly agree a free Wiz Khalifa show beats the hell outta paying $20 to see Wale/Chiddy, but all things considered, getting to see all four in one day for less than $50 for two tickets to each event was felonious in nature and probly worse theft than gettin' a bunch of free tats. Sidebar: Smh Buckeyes...from an OSU alum, I'd say it'll be a stretch expect a BCS bowl this year. Two loss season would be overachieving with 3 losses a more reasonable expectation...unfortunately. If Tressel falls on the sword, a recession will be a reality...#NoMoreFreeTats

I digress...on to the scenery of the show which was more or less a High School gym with acoustics as good as an underground cave. Yea you could say there was a bit of an echo, but luckily the expectations aren't high for sound at Hip Hop shows. Not knowing what to expect I was smacked in the face with Chiddy's opening track, All Things Go, which I had previously never heard and currently can't stop listening to. Still kicking myself for not getting some footage of that dopeness, but hindsight is worth as much as a dollar given away yesterday, so I'm content with rocking the real track on each and every playlist in the near future.

Probably the coolest part of the set was when the lesser known half of Chiddy Bang, @XaphoonJones, polled the crowd for obscure subjects for @realchiddy to freestyle over. Needless to say crowd fuckery ensued and Chiddy spit effortlessly about random ish like Hello Kitty, chicken wings, Brooklyn, @CharlieSheen, Spiderman, Muhlenberg lacrosse, and snap backs. Really tho? I'm pretty sure an un-rhymable word woulda been appreciated to crank up the difficulty, but it was still an applause worthy effort.

Below are two of their newest joints I got footage of. The first being their new track feat @MacMiller, Heatwave, followed by another new one featuring Train titled Baby Roulette...
Chiddy Bang - Heatwave at Muhlenberg

Chiddy Bang - Baby Roulette at Muhlenberg

All in all a pretty hype set that caused me to leave the concert wanting to find more of their music, which is all artists are really goin' for when they perform. Especially for an opening band, they more than carried their weight and set the bar high for Wale.

When I was waiting for Wale to come out, I wasn't sure what to expect because honestly I haven't been a big fan of his recent Maybach Music stuff like his first single off his upcoming album,600 Benz. Still, Attention Deficit was a front to back heat rock, so there was plenty on tap that I was looking forward to hearing in concert.

...and I'm still looking forward to those tracks because I left feeling like I didn't hear a lot of the tracks I was looking forward to, like Let it Loose, Bittersweet Symphony or Diary. The stage presence and energy between the two sets were night and day, with Chiddy absolutely bringin' it and ignoring the fact that they were in front of a gym full of a couple hundred small town college kids in comparison to Wale, who seemed to mail it in. My girl's reaction kinda summed it up when she said, "Did he really just close out his set with another guy's song?", when Wale closed with his verse on No Hands. Yea, he did, and despite it being one of my favorite tracks and verses, it was still one of the more anticlimactic endings to a concert I had ever witnessed.

In an attempt to take a detour from the trip to the negative town that was his set, I was a big fan of Black and Gold. Check it below and be on the lookout for that new @rickyrozay Wale flavored album...
Wale - Black & Gold at Muhlenberg


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