Thursday, April 21, 2011

"It’s Gon’ Get You in Trouble"

Mixtape after mixtape I've been pushing @BEIMAEJOR's music full force as it's been comin' out and for good reason. Upside Down will always be my favorite mixtape of his with tracks like Kisses in the VIP and Facelifts & Waterfalls, but as a fan of his music, I'm still eagerly awaiting a debut studio album. Don't get it twisted, I'm more than happy to keep getting song after song of great tracks and covers like two of his most recent videos Hit Me Up Angel off Upside Down 2 and The Lala Song off Throwback...
Bei Maejor - Hit Me Up Angel
Bei Maejor - Lala Song
Still, covers are covers, they are cool because they take an instrumental or melody and are shaped to the artist's vision, but they don't translate to industry respect or to making money....which is why I'm thrilled to hear his new supposed lead single titled Trouble off his supposed debut album. I haven't seen an album titled yet, which is you you're getting the italics in the previous sentence, but regardless, it's great news. The at times heavy, but bouncy snap beat should assure more than a few plays on the radio, especially coupled with a short, but to the point @JColeNC verse at the end.

As an aside, I just found out he was listed on the production credits of @RealWizKhalifa's track with @currensy_spitta Rooftops too, which adds to the mounting list of great tracks he's been behind the scenes on. While being a producer and songwriter doesn't always ensure solo artist success, I can't help but cheer for the ones with real talent behind the boards orchestrating the tracks that end up becoming singles. Ask @diggy_simmons and @souljaboy, who enlisted Bei's talent on their most recent singles, they've gotten plenty of love because of his help.

Keep spreading the #USD love and helping Bei become a Maejor force in the game...

Bei Maejor feat J Cole - Trouble


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