Tuesday, April 19, 2011

"You Could Be the Quote, If I'm the Lyric Baby"

I'm more than a couple months late on @migmoney's newest track Sure Thing, but it's so irresistibly seductive I'm be remiss if I didn't post it. At first I thought the lyrics were kinda corny, but I quickly abandoned that judgment when I found myself singing them when the track came on...#IDontPutTheHypoInCritical. Between this track and All I Want Is You, you could say I'm warming up to his style and am actively keeping an eye out for what's next. Like his video for the track below that he dropped in early Jan...

Just ask Justin Bieber, it's good to have @USHERRAYMONDIV in your corner and showing up to support you at Coachella. The pic below was taken two days ago at Coachella soon after Miguel got done performing tracks like Prince's Little Red Corvette.
Left click Miguel - Sure Thing, drag to BMM playlist, kill the lights, strike match, move over wick, press play...#GameOver

Miguel - Sure Thing


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