Saturday, April 23, 2011

"If Courage Had a Height Ya’ll Would be Elves"

In case you missed it, one of the more slept on new artists in Hip Hop, @xtothev just released a mixtape titled Zero Heroes. After a lap around it, there were a few stand out tracks, like the one below feat former Fall Out Boy lead singer @patrickstump. The track has an upbeat, soulful undertone to it with Patrick singing through a gruff CB mic on the lead in that gives way to XV who delivers the first of two well thought out verses. The wordplay is what will end up giving XV a chance in the game since his words and comparisons deserve thought to be understood, which is something I can appreciate in an artist. Take for example an exerpt from his first verse on the track:
"These mortals turned my heart colder than Sub-Zero
Ready for combat, I’m back no cape, no Speedo
Kryptonite backpack, Superman ego
Darker than a Batman Knight,
But I shine like a Batman light over my city and the people"
Bunch of witty transitions, video game/comic books references in the wordplay that all tie together the subject matter while still rhyming. I can dig that, a little ingenuity makes me want to learn and repeat lyrics like that and share it with people who are open minded to new Hip Hop. When I say new Hip Hop, I mean new school artists like the @big_sean, @donnisxdonnis, @JColeNC, @WIZARDCUD, @chiddybang, and @MIKEPOSNER, all of which XV has worked with. Put it this way, if you're from the midwest (Wichita, KS) and you rub shoulders with a whole bunch of my favorite artists, you're gonna get a listen by association. That's not at all meant as a diss or that I'm only listening to him because he works with other artists, his work speaks for itself and if you're wondering what I mean, press play below to watch the Trailer to his new Zero Heroes mixtape:

Also interesting to note is that he's got Micheal "Seven" Summers (@seventracks) producing a lot of his music. To all those wonder why that should matter, give a listen to Welcome to the Midwest and Midwest Choppers by @TechN9ne, both of which were produced by Seven. KCMO is in the building folks and nothin' makes me happier than to see new artists come from rural places like Meridian, Mississipi, Gadsden, Alabama, Gary, IN or Witchita, KS.

Do yourself a favor and download his new FREE MIXTAPE so you won't be considered a bandwagon jumper when your friend tries to tell you about this new rapper named @xtothev...

XV feat Patrick Stump - The Last Hero (prod by Seven)


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