Friday, November 19, 2010

How to Throw Up a European Deuce

The never-ending track record of what was once an underground favorite that morphed into one of the year's most memorable tracks. I think everyone can come together on a consensus that the remix to the original is a leading candidate for remix of the year as @drakkardnoir, @KanyeWest and Andre 3000 all brought their A game in taking a hot track to another level. The original was good, the remix was great and I'd say this is somewhere in the middle. Everyone loves a good dance mix and when you add in a cup of @misskeribaby to a euro club beat while maintaining the well known, identifiable hook.

Great track for a Friday if you're lookin' to let loose a lil' bit...left click, hold, drag into iTunes Dance playlist...#DoIt

Chris Brown feat Keri Hilson - Deuces (Pop_Euro_Remix)


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