Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Sample Justice: Lupe Fiasco - Show Goes On vs Modest Mouse - Float On

Below you'll find the first single off Lupe Fiasco's upcoming album titled Lasers due out March 8, 2011. It took me about a minute, but after humming the melody to myself a few times I finally discerned that the tune (I'm not even sure I'd call it a sample since the beat and lyrics are different) sample came from Modest Mouse's ultra-popular single Float On. If you need a refresh and have some sort of weird memory loss that makes you forget a track that was literally forced into the scalp of every breathing human being in 2004, press play below...
The question then lies, was it a good use of the tune sample? Coming from someone who enjoyed the original track by Modest Mouse, but didn't think it was anything worth writing home about, I'm gonna give it a thumbs up. Don't discount for a sec the influence provided by (my nomination for producer of the year) Kane Beatz <---(Click on his name there to see the many top 50 singles @KANEBEATZ has been responsible for this year). I'm following him on Twitter because I'm a big fan of just about anything he puts out lately...he's on his game, what can I say when it comes to well put together Hip Hop tracks, he's got our ears in his back pocket. The list of artists he's collaborating with are top notch, which helps too, but they're coming to him because he's good at what he does, so it's a two way street. Y'all know how I feel about producers and how they don't get enough love in the end...all a big reason why I try and shout out the talent behind the boards, there's a bigger correlation to Hip Hop I like based on who it's produced by, not by who the artist is. #Truth

Anyways...@LUPEFIASCO is back and soon to be flooding us with new music now that he's past his battle with his record label. It goes without saying, this one is going to be about as heavily played as all these damn political commercials (THANK GOD IT's OVER TONIGHT) when it's all said and done. Expect it to be another feather in Kane Beatz cap, as well as a perfect jump off point for Lupe as his new album takes shape...

Lupe Fiasco - The Show Goes On (prod by KaneBeatz)
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