Friday, November 12, 2010

"Yes I need it, Everybody Does, Cocktails and Conversation, Music and Making Love"

Seems like a busy month for great albums to come up as tons of artists hit that fourth quarter release. While you're clamoring over Rihanna, Kid Cudi, Kanye, Twista and Pitbull (just to name a few), don't let the Soul Machine slip through the cracks. Granted he's made his album pretty damn difficult to neglect with hisForget You! anthem that is ungracefully landing on radio stations prompting everyone to still use the middle finger despite the FCC doing their absolute best to water down the brazenly unapologetic expression of scorn through song. Never has such a vulgar song pulled so many people together in rejoice, it's really pretty cool when you take a second to really think about how ironic it is that such an angry track has become an emotional outlet for so many people. #My2Pennies

Anyways, aside from that track, there's more greatness on the album and lucky for us, the greatness comes in different flavors. The flavor below is my current favorite, mostly because it's twice dipped in funk and has those classic 1970's strings in the background. Know what I'm talkin' about? Think Chips style strings + funk...
Gotta love Ponch, Erik Estrada was the man back in the day. Speaking of back in the day, doesn't the bassline of this track remind you a little bit of MJ's Thriller (80 millions views by the way, THAT is epic)? That was my first thought when listening to the rolling bassline of the track, but Cee-Lo's high pitched, soulful vocals bode well on the instrumental. I've been on Cee-Lo's bandwagon cross country, Oregon Trail style since his Goodie Mob days and I still maintain to this day his verse/monologue on Beautiful Skin was one of the more thoughtful, well-crafted and under-appreciated verses on Hip Hop history.#StillStandingIsClassic

I digress, this track makes me wanna go to the disco...bars and clubs are played out, this is a perfect vehicle for time travel back to the sound which had hippies dancing uncontrollably...check the song and video below...

Cee-Lo Green - Bright Lights, Bigger City
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