Thursday, November 04, 2010

"I’m Coming Home, I'm Coming Home, Tell the World I’m Coming Home"

I have a ton to say about this track, I'm not even sure where to start but here goes...

First off, J Cole's version at the bottom is a reference track or demo, however you want to slice it, that is slated to be featured on Dirty Money's album Last Train to Paris. Cole's version of the track was nothing short than captivating from the quietly angelic piano lead in to the upbeat strings leading into the uplifting piano followed by the heavy clap of the beat that was supplemented with two verses that fit perfectly, all biscuits and gravy style with the mood of the track. I literally can't eloquently put words together that would do any kind of justice to how epically well done this track is when J Cole is rhyming over it. If I were to have one wish today it would be for @jcolenc to be able to wrestle this away from @iamdiddy, top off the track with another full verse and release it on Cole World due out Feb 11th. Check out J Cole's version below...

J Cole feat Skylar Grey - I'm Coming Home (prod by Alex da Kid)

With all that being said, the Diddy track will be released by Dirty Money with the same beat by Alex Da Kid, background vocals by Skylar Grey and verses written by Jay-Z, but performed by Diddy.
To be fair I need to devote a whole paragraph to Da Kid named Alex who has found a way to elusively produce a few of my favorite tracks without getting the proper dap from me. The blame rests squarely on my shoulders Alex, hopefully I'll be able to increase your hype a bit by mentioning that you produced B.O.B.'s - Airplanes, Nikki Minaj's - Massive Attack, Rihanna feat Eminem - Love the Way You Lie Part 1 and the newly released Part 2.
Alex Da Kid
Honestly man, the best thing you could have done to market yourself and get my attention as a fan of well produced Hip Hip was to include that "Shhhhh! Alex Da Kid is Comin" before all of your tracks. Well done sir, because of that intro, I was able to piece together this track with Rihanna and Eminem's Love the Way You Lie Part II, which led me to research you and find out you're actually more bad ass than I had ever known. Please all you viewers at home, do yourself a favor and buy stock in him now by following him on Twitter at @AlexDaKid. Just like me, you don't wanna miss out on what he's doing next working with the likes of August and The Fray. Oh yea, betcha didn't know he was a Brit play below...
Aside from actively searching out every future track done by Alex da Kid, I'm also a huge buyer of the vocal talents that @skylargrey brings. If the hook on I'm Coming Home doesn't sell you on her ability then you need to hand in your iPod and listen to the hook on I Love the Way You Lie, which she wrote and Rihanna performed. Even better she was just signed by Alex's company Wonderland Music, so they will be teaming up again soon to make more beautiful music. #HeadsUp

As an aside, it's no huge surprise Jay-Z penned Diddy's verses, which is something J Cole wouldn't need to have done because he can think up his own bars to match the track (as illustrated on the ref track). Connecting the pieces a step further, J Cole is signed to Jigga's Roc Nation label, making this whole Coming Home track's story make even more sense by helping answer the how did that all happen? question. I included both tracks below so you can be the judge, but it's beyond a no-brainer as far as which one is better. 

Give 'em a listen...

Dirty Money feat Diddy & Skylar Grey - Coming Home (prod by Alex da Kid)
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