Friday, November 05, 2010

Buzz Track: Far East Movement - Rocketeer (prod by Ryan Tedder)

Just in case you thought Far East Movement was a one-hitter quitter, they hedged their bets by enlisting Ryan Tedder on the production of their second single that has just as much radio appeal as the that track about those Gulfstream jets.

Don't expect another club raging, uptempo anthem though, this one is more melodic and dreamy type contemporary in sound. Assist to the supposedly archaic Autotune that isn't too overdone that it's annoying, but that's probably because Tedder was on the hook. Oh yea, guess who wrote the track...Bruno Mars. Oh wait, guess who produced it...The Smeezingtons aka Bruno Mars' production crew. Fresh off the printing press is the video for the track below Rocketeer, give it a look...

Needless to say a lot of love and talent went into this track and while it's nothing special, it's a testament to what happens when people who know what they're doing collaborate. Question though, is @brunomars the new Ryan Tedder? I'll let you ponder on that because they have very similar repertoires writing, production and voice wise. Ryan has been in the game way longer with a seemingly larger scope (think One Republic), but not as high of a ceiling as Bruno (has had a top 5 solo album compared to One Republic's two top 25 albums.

It's a Friday and my stats say y'all come at a slower clip on Friday, so I won't get too wordy. Give it a listen below, it's a smooth track and should at least make you hesitate to click the buy button when pondering over their new album Free Wired...

Far East Movement - Rocketeer (prod by Ryan Tedder) (Written by Bruno Mars) (prod by The Smeezingtons)
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