Monday, November 08, 2010

"Today, Leave Good for Great, Leave Sleep for Late"

In my eyes, after one lap around Matt & Kim's new album Sidewalks, this is the track that stood out as my favorite. The bubbly synthesizers draw you in and are followed by a calming beat that builds slowly and adds to the uplifting feel to this shot of audio happiness. Yea it's a little more pop and radio friendly than some of their stuff, but in order to make $$ these days you've gotta produce at least a track or two that is gonna pay the bills. This should pay the bills if the people providing the dollars promoting their album have any cents sense.

Pretty cool that their album managed to make it to #3 on the night of their release last week. You may not be a fan at all of their music, but you can't deny their unique sound. They bring Hip Hop sounding bass and percussion, but lyrically give off a very indie/pop sound, which creates a whole mess of interesting in my opinion. Me, I'm just here to put on blast music that I enjoy in hopes that I can get you to like get to liking it dammit! Hah! I'm playin'!...kinda no I'm not..

Go out and support them though, they put a lot into what they do and as a result we benefit from the sound that comes from it...ever think of it like that? #FoodForThought ----->iTunes

Play button will ensue...promise...

Matt & Kim - Good for Great


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