Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Buzz Track: A.O.N. - Dolla From A Change

In case you missed it, your favorite new artist A.O.N. just dropped a heavy mixtape a couple weeks back titled Young World Vol 1, hosted by the infamous @dj_greenlantern. Pretty big time for an artist you hadn't heard of until this year, but with all these high profile collaborations and high quality material, it's only a matter of time.

Off top, the electric keys lay the groundwork for success on my current favorite track off the mixtape below, Dolla For a Change. The song has a real come-up sorta feel, embodying the upbeat sound you'd expect to hear from a track that exemplifies the appreciation of something from nothing. Pay attention to how locked in dude sounds on the track, his delivery comes off effortless, going bar for bar with the swagger of a vet, but the vitality of a kid who loves the music he's creating. Pretty cool as you can tell most of his verses are delivered with a huge smile on his face, listen to him, he can't help himself, at times getting caught up in laughter on the track.

And the mixtape doesn't start or stop with this track, it also features plenty of other tracks I've posted by Ambitious or Nothing. In my eyes, the mixtape is an alarm clock, providing an in your face reminder to all the fans of Hip Hop who have been sleepin' on him for the past year while he's been on his come up. Sort of a best of @aonmusik all on one high profile tape, hosted by one of the more infamous mixtape DJs. Enough hype though, you be the judge, check out the video below and untagged, No DJ version his manager hit me up with. Speaking of which, Bigman, I like the new Aonmusik site too, looks like y'all put in some serious work, looks polished now...

A.O.N. - Dolla For a Change (No DJ)


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