Monday, November 22, 2010

"Sky Lines and City Lights Are All I See as I'm Wasting Away"

"Its Ups and Downs to my Understandings,
To be Fly There's Gonna be Take-Offs and Landings"
Below is a new-ish buzz track from potential breakthrough duo Nikki and Rich featuring F-A-B. Pretty cool story with Nikki Leonti (@nikkileonti) being a California-born pastor's daughter who grew up singing in church, and Rich Velonskis, a Queens born former DJ and established hip-hop/R&B producer who got his start spinning in New York City clubs as a teenager. Having met in 2007 when Nikki was a backup singer for Carrie Underwood and Rich was producing under the name Rich Skillz for artists like Eve, Robin Thicke, Mario, and Ludacris, Rich was looking for a vocalist to produce for and the two have since gotten together to form the formidable duo of Nikki & Rich.

As for what you can expect from @nikkiandrich, good production and strong vocals are the name of the game. On the track below, City Lights, @nikkileonti shows off her soulful pipes over a slow clap beat that is made by the background piano leading the way. You're not gonna hear Rich on the track, but his talents are felt through the emotion evoking backdrop he paints.
If you're wondering what they're like, below is the trailer to their documentary, which gives you a dose of their personality and the fun they have making music together...
The biggest reason I like this track is the fact that it doesn't sound like something you'd expect @MYFABOLOUSLIFE to add a verse over. The 16 he adds fits so well and really gives it a lot wider likability demographic wise, which is cool. I'm torn whether the lyrics are depressing or inspirational as Nikki talks about wasting time away, but still surviving and taking energy from the business and vitality of the city. Either way, plenty of food for thought and room for interpretation, which is great.

They're a up and coming group, feel free and check out more of their stuff on iTunes and give their standout track a listen...

Nikki & Rich feat Fabolous - City Lights


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