Sunday, November 07, 2010

New Artist Spotlight - Trillogy

Pictured above is a new group Trillogy, straight outta the Dirty Jers. They consist of three members, Kira, who brings the harmony in taking on the persona of love in the trilogy. OxPro, who embodies life through his struggle-influenced lyrics and Jay-Wil who takes on the sentiment of loyalty through his soulful lyrics and Hip Hop bars.

As a group, Trillogy is a three-time Underground Music Award winners have been featured on, and have been a featured artist for a Microsoft Windows campaign. Even more notably, the #1 social media music community Reverbnation recently decided to feature their new single below on their homepage. If I were to describe their style I'd say it's mix between Pop/R&B with a little Hip Hop mixed in. The instrumentation on their breakthrough single Ride Around Town gives their music a well put together, instrumentation drive, contemporary feel that sounds unique and polished for an up and coming group. It's a smooth track that highlights their ability to create a pop/R&B  sounding track with a splash of Hip Hop and plenty of harmony provided by the vocals of Kira who shines on the track.

Even more unique, they're doing something new and creative with the release of their debut album. @trillogy_smg will be releasing their first album in three installments combining three six track EP’s “Love”, “Life” and “Loyalty” all set to be released three months apart. It's rare these days to see a group go more than skin deep conceptually with a debut album and group name, so the creativity they're bringing to the table is a breath of fresh air. You can tell they're trying to appeal to a larger demographic with the mostly clean lyrics that augments the deeper meaning behind their band's concept. To get more of a feel for what to expect from them, check out the video for their new single below... 

Pretty clean video, that's a good look. Speaking of look, be on the look-out for their three part debut album and give Trillogy a look or follow @trillogy_smg  while you're at it to keep up with their new material...oh and don't forget to give 'em a lil iTunes love after sampling below...

Trillogy - Ride Around Town


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