Sunday, November 21, 2010

"These Girls Fall Like Dominoes, D-D-Dominoes"

With all these high profile albums dropping this month from Kanye to Cudi to Twista to J Cole's mixtape, I'd even throw in Nelly, Black Eyed Peas, Yelawolf and Lloyd Banks to the list of notable releases, it's going to be easy to overlook the Nicki Minaj's debut album, Pink Friday. After giving her album a full listen, I'm sold man, she's got damn near 10 tracks that I have a real hard time skipping over. My current favorites are the track below (which is surprisingly a bonus track despite it's obvious single appeal), Blazin' feat Kanye and her track with Drake, Moment For Life.

You take the three tracks I mentioned above and put it with the singles she has already Check It Out with Will I Am, Your Love, Massive Attack and current single Right Thru Me, that's an epic debut effort that deserves a lot of credit. I'd even venture to say other than Kanye's new album, Pink Friday is the best album that is dropping this month, even over Cudi's MOTM2, which is hard for me to admit.

It's hard to go wrong when you put JR Rotem behind the boards too and he didn't deviate from his sample based beats in creating another masterpiece. This time J-J-J-JR taps into UK's electro-rock duo The Big Pink's hit Dominos from 2009, which interestingly enough was a top 50 single in the US at one point. Check it out below...
Before JR sampled the track, I had never heard the original, which is also a really good track. If this doesn't end up being a single at some point then @nickiminaj's A&R and Marketing staff will be under utilizing it's potential. Only reason I can think of it not originally making the tracklist is because of sampling clearances? Ya never know...

Either way, this is a standout track, it has that high energy, engaging sound to it that makes it really hard to not like. Call it the JR audio cocaine special, he's a magician and this will serve as another feather in his cap. Oh and give Nicki her due, she has carved her own niche in Hip Hop and is far from flash in the pan, career other words this is only the beginning and she's going to continue to garner respect from her peers as well as fans of Hip Hop. Go support her debut effort when it drops tomorrow, it's way better than what I expected...

Nicki Minaj - Girls Fall Like Dominos (prod by JR Rotem)


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