Saturday, February 27, 2010

Top R&B Song of Feb - Pitbull feat Janet Jackson Machel Montano & Rock City - Not My Love (prod by Darkchild)

This track was initially a Pitbull only track, but in the past week, a version with Janet, Rock City and Machel Montano popped up, dwarfing the already stellar first effort made by Pitbull on a solo tip. I would have been happy with the Pitbull/Darkchild collabo by itself, just to mix in a little different sound from all his Jim Jonsin you add in a little Janet??? It's over with...

This was hands down the favorite of all R&B/Hip Hop songs last month to get some serious spins in the club and similarly a clear favorite of all the ladies out there who have gotten a chance to give this a listen. While Janet and Pitbull will clearly eat up all the accolades for this track, Darkchild is the one who deserves the most for putting together this heat rock. If you aren't familiar with who he is shame on you, he's the one pictured above next to Pitbull in the blue hoody.

The fast paced percussive beginning that leads into a the heavy club bass-line, coercing all who listen to dance and nod their heads in unison. Janet really takes this track over the top with her vocal shadowing of Rock City's "Not My Love" chanting over the chorus. Really cool how Darkchild goes a little tribal on the chanting and eliminates the beat from the 2:55 mark to 3:10, giving the song some personality and focusing on the extremely well put together vocal onslaught between Rock City and Janet.

Definitely don't wanna sleep on this one...give it a listen before everyone else says it's their favorite song...haha...

Pitbull - "I hate it when they act like the Virgin Mary, even Mary kissed a girl and she liked it, yea Katy Perry"

Janet Jackson feat Pitbull Machel Montano & Rock City - Not My Love (prod by Darkchild) HOTTT!!!!!


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