Wednesday, February 24, 2010

"She Need Somebody to Save Her, She Don't Wanna Be Alone...Sick of the Bad Guys, You Need a Hero"

Another really interesting collaboration or mix of musical styles. Would throw this into a Trance/House meets R&B category if I felt like putting a label on it. I think the two styles are allowed to come together thanks to what we like to call "Pop" music now which encapsulates all music that is dance worthy, relatively clean and programmed to be heard by the masses.

Gotta give some love here to Novel, who has gotten my attention with a couple tracks lately. He's another "hybrid" artist similar to Drake in that he can go both Hip Hop and R&B, whatever he feels like doing, he can pull it off. On the track below, Caffeine & Cigarettes, he creates a scapegoat/excuse laden track that blames most of his problems on the various substances he chooses to partake in. While the lyrical content isn't exactly thrilling, the delivery is executed well and you'll get a hint of that Lyfe Jennings's style sound out of this one...

Novel - Caffeine & Cigarettes Hott!!!

If this next one doesn't make you think of D'Angelo, I don't know what you're listening to. The beat has a slow, sorrowful vibe to it, that creates an empty canvas of emotion that Novel paints a vivid picture of the most picturesque Velvet Sky you could ever imagine. The chorus bleeds so much emotion it gets close to being too forced and over the top. Still, this is my favorite track by him, you can tell he put it out there and I've got respect for the different tones his voice takes on throughout the song. Check it out...

Novel - Velvet Sky
Great R&B Ballad!!!

As for the title track to this post, well it's a collaboration that you hope for. The one that you never saw coming and mixes two distinctly different styles to created a compromise sounding pop track. Just fast enough to get your attention with the piano that blends into a uptempo dance beat. Really becoming a fan of your boy wanna talk about someone overseas who has jumped head over heels into what is now American Music. Gotta give him his due, he pioneering his way into radio hits with R&B, Pop and Hip Hop artists. The track results in a real catchy mix of a new school R&B ballad with an upbeat hook and a beat that while simple, allows the story to take shape the way it mixes tempos. Do yourself a favor and listen to it...

David Guetta feat Novel - Hero Hotttt!!!!


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