Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Slept On: MGMT

Let it be known I am not a fan of the ordinary. Originality and creativity are two necessary components of good music, their presence can't be understated. Enter MGMT or The Management as they are known by some.

Yes I'm fully aware they haven't released an album since 2007 and even then it was only a 10 track album, 3 songs of which were retreads from their Time to Pretend EP released in 2005.

How would I describe their music? Trippy electro funk is the best I got. I applaud them because their use of synthesizers is wonderful. Their sound comes off as so upbeat and free, I'd almost categorize it as new school Hippie music. There's just something about the lead singer's plain delivery that contrasts so well with their funk filled electro rhythms.

Why post about them now, they've been out for a while now right? Well, my reason is two-fold...
1) They have a new album coming out in about April 2010 titled Congratulations .
2) I was watching the movie Sex Drive, a movie I had watched in the theaters when it came out and now have watched it on re-run on HBO of late. I'm not kidding I'm really considering seeing a upcoming movie Hot Tub Time Machine, mostly because of Clarke Duke, who single-handedly made Sex Drive watchable. Back on subject, the are embarking on a journey down to Nashville, TN in the movie from Chicago and as they are leaving, MGMT's song Time to Pretend comes on with those unforgettable synthesizers. Give it a listen, perfect Soundtrack song:

MGMT - Time to Pretend

Yea we all remember their song Electric Feel, which I've been jocking hardcore since the first time I heard it. And for good reason, my goodness that track has more funk than a someone opening up a gallon of milk that's been sitting out in the sun all day. Call it manufactured funk, hate it is because it's being done by a couple of Hippie white kids if you want, it's that type of time machine track that can't help but stand out because of how delightfully fresh it sounds. Give it another listen if you haven't in a while, I just did and subsequently re-added it to to the newest iPod playlist...

MGMT - Electric Feel

God I love this video...it's sooo incredibly weird...

I'd be remiss if I didn't also post my third favorite song off their album Oracular Spectacular titled Kids. The lyrics on this one are waaay out in left field talking about "picking insects off plants" and all, but it gives off this psychedelic dreamy vibe that makes for easy listening. Oh yea it was also nominated for a announced a Grammy in 2009 for the category of Best Pop Performance By A Duo Or Group With Vocals.

MGMT - Kids

Needless to say, I appreciate their music because it's so different than anything any other artist is trying to do. It's fitting that they collaborated with Kid Cudi on The Pursuit of Happiness because musically they're both on another planet, which is a reason I'll always be in both of their corners cheering them on.

Moral of the Story: Why be vanilla when you've got the ingredients to be cookies n cream or some other crazy flavor like banana caramel lime? It's like why say the F word when you can mouth it in like 20 other ways?? (ok that was a terrible segway, I really just wanted to post this video, because it's hilarious).
Aziz Ansari - "Why would I blow up Chick-Fil-A it's F-ing delicious??"


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