Thursday, February 18, 2010

Madonna feat Justin Timberlake - Across the Sky (prod by Timbaland)

I've been on sort of a Hip Hop binge of late, so to even things out a bit give this little under the radar All-Star collabo a quick listen. Can't go wrong when you put Justin and Timbo together...add in a little Madonna and it goes beyond noteworthy.

For the record is that not the most adorable pic of Justin and Madonna above? For get the fact that Madonna was 23 when Justin was born, they're a good look when in frame together with those infectious smiles.

Timbo absolutely laces this track with his upbeat, percussion and bass-fest of a dance track. Don't get me wrong Madonna owns this track with her low key, but always melodic lyrics. What baffles me is Madonna is on the other side of 50 and she's still rockin' new school sounding R&B/Pop anthems. Whole lotta people her age may be more inclined to say "please turn it down" than mix it up on the dancefloor to this one.

Give it a listen, I'm sure it'll hit mainstream soon enough...tracks like this don't go unnoticed...

Madonna feat Justin Timberlake - Across the Sky (prod by Timbaland)


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