Saturday, February 13, 2010

Jason Derulo - Blind (prod by JR Rotem)

Another new one from Jaysahn who keeps the sentimental mood goin' with this piano laced ballad titled Blind. The track had originally been released as a demo, but this version is the finished product.

Bet you didn't know Jason is a Haitian-American and his original name is Jason Desrouleaux. Again, his album will be released in a few weeks on March 2nd with the following confirmed track list.

Confirmed by iTunes & his website:

1. Whatcha Say
2. Ridin' Solo
3. In My Head
4. The Sky's The Limit
5. What If
6. Love Hangover
7. Encore
8. Fallen
9. Blind
10. Queen Of Hearts (Digital Bonus Track)

This is more of an ode to those of us who have been Stevie Wondered through a relationship experience, thinking everything is going right then you wake up one day and can't see.

Give it a listen....

Jason Derulo - Blind (prod by JR Rotem) Hot Ballad!!


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