Sunday, February 07, 2010

Jason Derulo - Locked in Love (prod by JR Rotem)

This new one is more of a demo than something you'll hear being made into a new song. JD is not afraid to do a whole song is falsetto, case in point Locked in Love. Still, a piano beat by JR Rotem + lyrics about bein' in love...pretty hard to go away from that formula.

Not my favorite of his tracks, but he seems to be what everybody is feindin' for at the moment, so I felt obligated to share. We're less than a month away from his March 2nd release of his self titled album. No confirmed track list yet, but my guess is I'll be pretty busy the next month posting and raving about a lot of the songs we still haven't heard yet.

If you're a fan of the high notes, be sure to give this a play or two...

Jason Derulo - Locked in Love (prod by JR Rotem)
New Demo!


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