Monday, February 15, 2010

Major Lazer feat M.I.A.& Busy Signal - Sound of Siren (prod by Diplo)

Really hard to categorize this track, maybe electro-hop or Alternative Hip Hop with a hint of Dancehall/Raggeaton. Either way it goes hard, starting with a building drum roll over haunting M.I.A. vocals on the chorus, eventually giving way to a beat with more knock to it than a Jehovah's witness knuckles. Sort of sounds like Beanie Man on the verses, but really it could be Taylor Swift for all I care, the beat wins on this one.

There's something intriguing about the unique style Sri Lankan born M.I.A. and Philly based DJ Diplo have brought to Hip Hop. It's a largely untapped sub-genre of Hip Hop that I hope continues to expand with speaker rattling tracks like this. Give it a listen:

Major Lazer feat M.I.A. & Busy Signal - Sound of Siren (prod by Diplo)


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