Wednesday, February 10, 2010

SNOWED IN!!!....Joe Budden & Royce da 5'9" - 40/40 Club

Thought this was a fitting combo post with snow being the main theme of the week since it's being measured in feet rather than inches. Above is ya boy Joey standin' proud next to his "thugged out snowman" Bernard Jr.. Is it me or does Bernard Jr look like he's up to sumthin'?? haha.

Anyways, the track being highlighted in this post was my second favorite joint this past month behind the Nappy Roots track I just raved about. The why part is easy, the two verses Royce Nickel 9 and Joe spit have so many intelligent, pop culture relevant lines throughout the track that it's deserving of mention and praise. Let's examine a few notable quotable from Royce:
“My momma got fangs, my daddy got ducks feet
I was genetically predisposed to f*** freaks”

“Get it right, my sh** is knocking like our words be doors
We can fight — that’s right, put your dukes up
And let you fist pump like you on the Jersey Shore”

“I claimed the town before I give you lames the crown
You’ll get it soon as Snoop gains a pound”

Alright how about a few from Jersey's finest Budden:
“What part of the game is this, bunch of dicks in the studio
So I take mine elsewhere, I'm Rick Rubio”

“Rap for hire, call me if help is needed
I got this whole sh** covered, Darrelle Revis”

“I'm interrupting with no pardon, I ain't Mike Wilbon
From day one, he just speak his mind
Cause loose leafs don't come with subtitles, can't read between the lines”

Wait a second, was that last line a PTI shout out? Damn right it was and it was rewarded by Wilbon on show when he gave a shout out to Joe Budden. Check it...

Now what I wanna know is who alerted Wilbon that he was given a shout out on the track? Let's just say I'd be very surprised to hear he was scouring his favorite hip hop blogs or even following him on twitter to even find the song. Given this track has been circulating for a couple weeks now and I know I'm late on donating my two pennies about it, but I woulda been breakin' some law by not giving credit where credit is due...and credit is and continually will be due to 1/2 of what makes up the most talented Hip Hop group in the industry right now. Please don't act like you don't know, that act is getting moldy its so old...

Royce, as a cucumber...Crook throwin' up a Dub reppin' LBC....and Joey FOCUSED! Kinda like this track, give it a listen and admire the way the duo weave through verses like like Javier Arenas...

Joe Budden & Royce da 5'9" - 40/40 (prod by Soul Searchin) Hoootttt!!!
Listen Here


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