Thursday, February 04, 2010

New Ish...Flo Rida - Star (prod by The Runners)

Not used to such a laid back look from the man known for lighting up dance floors year round. To be honest, I gained more respect for him with this song than any of his other platinum club hits (here, here , here and of course here). Nothin' more refreshing than The Runners "Aaaaaaahhhhhhh" at the beginning of the song. I'd liken it to climbin' up the hill on a roller hear it and you know you're about to get something great.

While Flo Rida is never gonna win awards for thought provoking lyrics, he still deserves a whole lotta dap for trail blazing his way to the top with his unique, undulating multi-syllabic flow that is as at home as koala bear enjoying a eucalyptus cough drop (oh what? Koalas don't get colds too?? Its freakin' cold/flu season, come on! Click here for a random koala fact) over a fast (usually Runners) beat. I'm glad he's mixin' it up a bit tempo wise even if he's stickin' to his guns flow wise...always good to see a little versatility.

I'm very pleased to say this probably won't becoming radio roadkill anytime soon because it's not as fast as his usual hits and he'll probably drop a lead single dance track before falling back on a real smooth track like the one below. Not counting it out as single material yet though cause any artist would be stupid not to use a Runners beat as a single. Guess we'll see...check it...

Flo Rida - Star (prod by The Runners) Hooootttt!!!!

As a bonus check out an under the radar guest spot off up and coming R&B artist J. Lewis title Dancing For Me...definitely worth a listen...

J. Lewis feat Flo Rida - Dancing For Me Hot!!


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