Saturday, February 13, 2010

Ladies Take Note - Valentines Day Etiquette

Now let me first explain...Valentines Day over the years has gotten a stigma or reputation for being a holiday where the lady gets pampered and gifted up, while your boys get to worry about whether the flowers are makin' it on time and how well their gift or dinner plans will be received...etc.

That's all fine and good, ladies I got no problem giving you this holiday, I get it, it's about you on the most romantic holiday of the year. I'm just here to encourage the ladies out there to take a little initiative like Cassie did above and do a lil somethin' special or out of the ordinary for your man. Believe it of not, creativity and effort doesn't have to have dollar amount (unless you're lazy) and it is actually appreciated by not just women, but your boys too.

Some of the best gifts in life don't cost a damn thing, so take advantage of this opportunity to show your man tomorrow that even if #heaintshit 364 days out of the year, he's your man for a reason and deserves a lil love tomorrow...



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