Monday, February 08, 2010

Fresh Like a Summer Breeze...Nappy Roots - Ride

My goodness I miss me some Nappy Roots. This track is that middle of winter style southern breeze that hits your face, giving you a quick break from winter or uh the next snowstorm about to beat the brakes off the Midwest and East Coast.

This track Ride is being tagged as the lead single off their upcoming album The Pursuit of Nappyness to be released in early April.

There's just somethin' about that laid back Southern Comfort drawl (even if its a Kentucky Bourbon drawl) cut with a lil acoustic guitar. Another great thing about their music is that it usually has an uplifting vibe to it and is socially accessible to their audience. From the effects of the recession to the personal effect the war is having on's all out there for you to associate with as listeners.

The hook, simple as it may be, is catchy as hell, with the deep chanting of Where Did You Go , offsetting their quick rhymes and upbeat flow. I'd venture to say this has legitimate staying power and might even end up on the legendary Piece of Mind Hip Hop playlist I've organized throughout the years...without a doubt my favorite Hip Hip track this month, check it out...

Nappy Roots - Ride Best Hip Hop Track of Jan!!


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