Tuesday, February 09, 2010

LOL is Overrated...Whatever Happened to the Old Fashioned Ha Ha?

When was the last time you actually laughed when you wrote "lol"? Grow up Peter Pan, lol has become the expression you put when you have nothing to say...whatever happened to uncomfortable silence or just not answering? Are we really that soft as a culture that we have to humor people everytime they think they're being funny (I sure hope so, my confidence is dependent on that) or is it just lazy flirting (both). Everyone knows lol has lived it's shelf life and it's about to get put on special sale...what's special sale you ask? I'm talkin' that "oh the price just got marked down by 50% at the grocery store cause whatever you're buyin' is damn near rotten" type of special sale...no need to patronize anymore...keep it 100 with exclamations, CAPS, even mix it up with a hehe if you're feelin' frisky, just don't be lazy with an lol...man that shit grinds my gears and in the words of Jigga, society "WE OFF THAT!"...

I needed to get that off my chest...as for the music, you may be wondering to yourself what does the person above have to do about laughing or even more importantly the track below, Fat Joe's new single Ha Ha feat Young Jeezy. Seem rising producer extraordinaire Scoop Deville also put his mark on this track with what you could call an "attention grabbing" beat. If you accused me of being a favoritist of loud, percussion laced, heavy beats I'd applaud you for payin' attention.

Now when I use the face "attention grabbing" I mean beats like this here by Dr Dre (Detox may or may not end music as we know it) or the legendarily low A Milli beat by Bangladesh or this heat rock by DJ Khalil this here by Polow da Don, maybe these two by Timbo/Danjahandz shoot I'd even give a long hard look at this Ryan Leslie beat.

Now I'm not trying to compare this beat to those in the last paragraph, but I will compare it to Scoop's first beat I Wanna Rock with Snoop. Considering how many artists freestyled over the beat, it's pretty clear that the whole Hip Hop game took note of the production credits.

Time for you to take note of a bangin' first single by Joey Crack...oh and a little bit of Jeezy mixed in...sorry auxiliary, replaceable artists, the beat gets the dap on this one...

Fat Joe feat Young Jeezy - Ha Ha (prod by Scoop Deville) Hoott!!!


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