Wednesday, June 28, 2017

"Saturday Nights Couldn't Get Much Clearer"

I still haven't quite honed in on Whethan's sound as an artist, but that's more of a reflection on how diverse his singles have been so far. Good Nights is much more chill than previous releases, but it's equally as potent with Mascolo's vocals shepherding the way. The vibe of the track feels more like what you'd expect from The Chainsmokers when they were collaborating with talented vocalists you hadn't heard of yet. It's a stark contrast to Love Gang, which is why I'm still feeling out what Whethan is capable of as an artist. The good news is he's hitting the road on tour this summer, so there will be plenty of opportunity to investigate his capabilities further in the coming months. Check his tour trailer below along with the obligatory links to iTunes and Spotify...#GoodNights

Whethan feat Mascolo - Good Nights


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