Tuesday, June 06, 2017

"I'm Your Recovery, Can't Let Temptation Bring Me Down"

I'm really warming up to this sub-genre of EDM known as Electro Soul. The mix of quiet synth progressions, R&B vocals, and a touch of horns strikes a unique balance of smooth vibes. Case in point Gramatik and Eric Krasno's new one Recovery. It's armed with a bouncy synth progression, R&B vocals, and just enough horns to keep it interesting.

I'd go as far to say without the electronic beat, I'd be writing about a jazz track right now. But that's the whole allure of Electro Soul. It has the grown and sexy vibes your parents can appreciate mixed with the bounce and excitement of EDM. Best part about it? If you're a fan of the track, it'll only cost you a Facebook like for the free download. Can't hate on that as a mid-week gift from the Electro Soul gods...#Recovery

Gramatik & Eric Krasno - Recovery


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