Thursday, June 22, 2017

"I'm Bout to Blow it All on Chocolate"

I never imagined living in a world where Big Boi would be churning out uptempo dance music. But here we are in 2017 and when you hear Chocolate, you're going to think it's a remix of a Big Boi original. Not so fast! It's that trademark funk that Daddy Fat Sacks brings to the table on ever track, but this time manifested with a bit more tempo and repetition.

At this point, I shouldn't need to sell you on checking out Boomiverse. It's an evolved version of Big Boi that continues a crusade of Southern swagger, but with added layers of dopeness. You've got the ATL mainstays sprinkled throughout the album, but it's songs like Chocolate that serve as a reminder that Big Boi is still on the grind and trying to push the expectations of his music. Life time achievements are a thing in Hip Hop and at this point, it's safe to anoint him as the poster child for longevity on a genre that has risen from relative obscurity to commercial success...#Chocolate

Big Boi feat Troze - Chocolate


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I never envisioned facing a daily reality such that Big Boi would be producing uptempo dance music. Yet, here we are in 2017 and when you hear Chocolate, you will believe it's a remix of a Big Boi unique. Hold on for a moment! It's that brand name funk that Daddy Fat Sacks offers of real value on at any point track, yet this time appeared with a smidgen more rhythm and reiteration.

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