Saturday, June 24, 2017

"If I Can Live Through This, I Can Do Anything"

Back like they never left, Fall Out Boy ignited a relatively normal week with an inspirational new single. Champion definitely sets its sights high with the song title, but when you've got the vocal prowess of Patrick Stump anything is possible. The energy of the track ebbs and flows ranging from the dramatic, singy-songy rap verses to the high-octane vocals and guitar riffs on the hook. The combination of energy and powerful vocals give it the opportunity to reach the heights its name portends.

For those keeping score at home, their new can be considered Act 2 of their upcoming Mania LP. The follow up single comes on the heels of the equally lit Young and Menace that dropped back in April. Check the Spotify and iTunes if you're like me and interested in listening a few more times...#Champion

Fall Out Boy - Champion


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