Saturday, June 03, 2017

"Save Me From Myself 'Cause I Can't Go Much Longer"

When RL Grime does it big, he does it WAAAY big. A symphony of raw electronic power is what you can expect when you press play on his new single below. Everything from the slow build, to the arena filling synths, to the vibrant bass all works together in such beautiful harmony. And I haven't even mentioned the vocals from Miguel yet. Stay For It isn't a collaboration you'd expect, but often those turn out to be the most novel. His soothing vocals fit the vibe of the track to T, adding another calming element that contrasts well with the eye popping drop. Mark my words, this will go down as a top 10 favorite on GWDJ Favorites for 2017...#StayForIt

RL Grime feat Miguel - Stay For It


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