Sunday, June 25, 2017

"My Lil' Baby on Thick, Thick"

Here we go again with this laid back, carefree vibe from Calvin Harris. Don't Quit just surfaced on DJ Khaled's new Grateful album, but it fits like a glove with everything Calvin Harris has put out the past three months. Slide, Rollin', Heatstroke, and Feels have all followed the same the point that it's starting to sound manufactured. The reason I'm being so critical of the sound is because I know Calvin is capable of so much more than what's amounting to formulaic pop music featuring buzzy artists. Maybe I'm in the minority with that take, but if there's one thing I can't stand, it's seeming like you're making music that you think people will like. There's a thin line between trend setting and trend matching that I feel like he's walking right now.

Aside from the whole Calvin Harris beef above, I was a fan of Travis $cott's sing-songy autotune and Jeremih's vocal contribution. Of course I could have done without Khaled's hypeman style ad-libs that are so played out they sound like white noise. I get it though, branding and all. The good news is that this has some potential for being a standout track on a compilation album, which is exactly what Khaled's new album is. It's all over the place stylistically, but that's cool as long as it's expected from the start. Head on over to iTunes or Spotify for a few laps around the album...#DontQuit

DJ Khaled feat Travis $cott, Calvin Harris, and Jeremih - Don't Quit


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