Monday, June 26, 2017

"Can't Drink All Day If You Don't Start in the Morning"

How Kanye of Drake to release a new track at fashion show. Signs made it's debut in Paris this week during Louis Vuitton’s show devoted to their new Spring-Summer ’18 collection. The track follows the tried and true One Dance/Too Good tempo that invites you to shake your hips along to the beat as Drake does his crooning thing. It definitely leans more toward the R&B side of the spectrum, which fits well with the fashion show setting. But I'll admit, the simplicity of the beat gets unnerving after a few listens. The back and forth pitter-patter is cool and all, but four minutes of it gets monotonous.

If you fast forward to the 5:55 mark in the video below you hear the song being played in context at the fashion show. Check it on iTunes or Spotify if you're more of a fan of the dancehall tempo than I am...#Signs

Drake - Signs (prod by Supa Dups & Noah “40” Shebib)


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