Thursday, June 08, 2017

"Cause You Know the Truth Hurts, But Secrets Kill"

Picture this for a minute...Halsey's vocals over one of Cashmere Cat's experimental instrumentals. Buried deep on Halsey's new hopeless fountain kingdom album is a gem in Hopeless. It's a quiet, subtly electronic slow jam that feels like what a ballad in 2017 should sound like. It has all the quirks you'd expect from a Cashmere beat with a healthy dose of electronically altered vocals. It's not that Halsey's vocals need to be tweaked at all, it's the intrigue of matching the synths with the vocals that stands out. Anyone who has been in a toxic relationship should be able to appreciate the emotional depth the track offers. If this and her new one with Quavo is any indication of the quality of her new album, you should be starting to realize how much you're missing out about now...#Hopeless

Halsey - Hopeless (prod by Benny Blanco & Cashmere Cat)

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