Wednesday, June 07, 2017

"Say She Wanna Do It For a Bankroll"

Remember that time Diplo released a new single featuring Bieber, then re-released the single replacing him with young up and comer Rich Chigga? Yea, I'm with you, I didn't see it coming either. But evidently when the original version disappeared from the internet, this is why...

"other artists made soundcloud take down the Justin Bieber version because they had exclusives with him, you can find it online here tho cause ¯\_(ツ)_/¯" - Diplo

Sounds like it was more of a BS formality than a conscious decision to boot Biebs off the track. Nevertheless, holy bass Batman! Bank Roll has all the quirky clicks and pops you'd expect from a Diplo track, but with a whole lot of back end to boot. At it's core, it's a hype Hip Hop track with three of the buzziest rappers out right now. I'm still in the wait and see phase with all three, but I will say Rich Chigga got my attention with Dat $tick. Don't hesitate on copping the free download and by all means flex on this one windows down this weekend...#BankRoll

Diplo feat Rich the Kid, Rich Chigga & Young Thug - Bank Roll (prod by Boaz van de Beatz, King Henry & Diplo)


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