Tuesday, June 27, 2017

"How You Gon' Do That to Me?"

You might remember the big news last December when Flosstradamus decided to part ways as a duo back in December. It was a sad end to a chapter in the life cycle of Flosstradamus, but the show goes with the next chapter having been released last week. How You Goin' Do That is the first release by Curt Cameruci, who is the half of the original duo now carrying on the torch for the Flosstradmus name. The new one featuring the vocals of Cara Salimando carries a much more chill, melodic vibe than the usual Trap Lord banger we've all become accustomed to from the duo. There's a hint of bounce post-drop, but it's much more vocal driven and seemingly geared toward Top 40. It's a stark contrast to something like Soundclash, but I get that time goes on and a new chapter will ultimately bring changes. I'm going to reserve judgment on the Flossy split after a few more tracks, but the early indications are to expect an evolution in musical style from Curt moving forward...#HowYouGonDoThat

Flosstradamus feat Cara Salimando - How You Goin' Do That


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