Monday, June 05, 2017

"If You Don't Love Me No More, Then Lie, Lie"

In case you missed it, Halsey released her sophomore album late last week. Hopeless Fountain Kingdom is a follow up from her debut, Badlands, released back in 2015. If there's one thing you can count on from Halsey it's sexy vocals. Her raspy tone and angelic harmony make for a uniquely potent combo.

Her newest single off the album is loaded with relationship drama and has an overtly theatrical vibe to it. Yet again, we have another Quavo sighting, proving that everyone is still eating out the palm of his hand. Call me a hater, but is he much of an upgrade over auto-tune heavy Future or even T-Pain for the fans of Hip Hop from a decade ago? Love him or hate him, he and his Migos squad is running pop music right now, so you'd better get on the bandwagon soon as it's near capacity. At the very least, this new one has piqued my interest in Halsey's new album. If you need me I'll be diving deep on it the next few days...#HopelessFountainKingdom

Halsey feat Quavo - Lie (prod by Lido)


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