Tuesday, June 20, 2017

"Don't Let This Feeling Fade Away"

It must be summer because of late I've been in the mood for bubbly EDM. Like for example Sam Feldt and Lush & Simon's new one Fade Away. Led by a vibrant chord progression and soft vocals from Inna, it's bubble-gumy af, but hard not to get caught up in its tropical wake. It's a welcome respite from the mid-week doldrums, which more than makes it post-worthy. Hat tip to Sam Feldt for continuing to churn out feel good EDM tracks. His consistency is a big reason why I'll always give his new singles a listen. Follow me on over to Spotify, roll the windows down, and don't hesitate to share this with those around you...#FadeAway

Bonus Video - Inna performing Fade Away acoustic in studio...

Sam Feldt X Lush & Simon feat Inna - Fade Away


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