Friday, March 25, 2016

Videos of the Week March 25th

The divide in this week's top five videos couldn't be clearer. There's funny and then there's a large dose of music. When I say large dose, it doesn't get any bigger than watching The Chainsmokers' entire Ultra 2016 set. Buckle your seatbelt and bring some popcorn for that one. Sticking with new music, both BJ the Chicago Kid and Majid Jordan released visuals for their new singles. On one hand you've got some Kendrick Lamar in studio with Hannibal Burress playing a drunken cupid. On the other you've got some cool augmented reality from Majid Jordan. Both entertaining in much different ways.

On the funny tip, it all starts with Snoop's narration of an epic battle between a squirrel and a snake. We can only hope that his Planet Snoop YouTube channel will actually become a real thing. Closing out the week is another glaring reminder of why you should be familiar with Lil Dicky. Not only is he a professional rapper, he also wears professional wrappers (<--- see what I did there?). Tip of the cap for using humor to hammer home a very real message...#TrojanMan
BJ the Chicago Kid feat Kendrick Lamar - Cupid (Video)

Majid Jordan - Every Step Every Way (Video)

The Chainsmokers Ultra 2016 Full Live Set

Snoop: Squirrel vs Snake

Lil Dicky Tells Everyone Why They Should Wear Condoms

Photo Credit: YouTube


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