Thursday, March 10, 2016

Trash and Luv in One Big NGHTMRE

The more new music I hear from NGHTMRE, the more I appreciate his ability to create bouncy and melodic music. His latest remix shows off a more Future Bass-y sound, flipping Tommy Trash's recent single Luv U Giv. Before I get into the remix, you need to watch the video for the original version of the track. Let's just say, Barbies are involved...

Where the original takes on more of a funky, disco feel, the remix is a lot more bass heavy and chopped up. The remix has a lot steeper, exaggerated drops, and doesn't have the "old school" sounding synths. There's a clear electronic feel to the remix rather than the steady dance/pop sound of the original. Both are great in their won rites, it just depends on if you're in the mode to dance or vibe out to some slow bass...#LuvUGiv

Tommy Trash - Luv U Giv (NGHTMRE Remix)


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