Friday, March 11, 2016

Videos of the Week March 11th

There are two clear cut favorites in this week's top five in my eyes. First, the live debut of Kygo's new single, Fragile, with Labrinth was more than a little awesome. What a cool ballad! I can't wait to hear the mastered version, which will probably be slightly more electronic. Second, Seal and Gallant's Weight in Gold duet in studio was worth a few looks. While Seal doesn't get near the credit he deserves, he more than held his own with Gallant on the mic. When they combined forces, the result was special.

Was it entertaining to watch Jonah Hill sing Drake's verse on Future's Jumpman? Yep, you bet it was. Glad they're getting more an more creative with the monologues on SNL. In other news, DJ Khaled is continuing his assault on pop culture through Snapchat. Now he's even landing on talk shows like Ellen to talk his motivational talk. Crazy how social media can be used as a tool to get so much notoriety. And last, but not least, Skrillex and Jauz released their new animated video for Squad Out with Fatman Scoop. Leave it to Adult Swim to put together something that trippy. Did I see Fatman Scoop with an elephant nose? Still trying to wrap my head around the plot of the video, but that's kinda of what Adult Swim does...#SquadOut
Kygo feat Labrinth - Fragile (Live)

Seal and Gallant Sing Weight in Gold as a Duet

Future feat Jonah Hill – Jumpman on SNL
More Getting to Know DJ Khaled on Ellen

Skrillex & Jauz - Squad Out (Video)

Photo Credit: YouTube


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