Monday, March 21, 2016

Avicii Debuts Nine New Tracks at Ultra

I think it's safe to say that Avicii takes performing on the main stage at Ultra Music Festival seriously. While the past few years have been marred by a lot of unfortunate health scares for Tim, he always seems to come out and bring his A game at Ultra. A few years ago he basically lit the internet on fire when he decided to start mixing Bluegrass with synth driven chord progressions during his Ultra set. Both Hey Brother and Wake Me Up then went on to be top of the top dance songs of the year despite some hardcore EDM fans scoffing at the "change in styles" from Avicii.

Now fast forward to this year where Avicii debuted a total of nine...yep that's right, NINE new ID tracks during his Ultra set this past weekend. There's so much new music and I'd encourage you to pick a favorite on your own before being unintentionally swayed by my opinion. Out of the bunch, my favorite is his collaboration with Simon Aldred on Heaven. It has many of the things you'd associate with Avicii favorites. My favorite part is the intense piano coming in to lead you to the jubilant release of the drop. Simon found a way to channel his inner Bono/Chris Martin on the vocals, which fit well with the inspirational vibe of the track. It's pop, sure, but that type of upbeat pop that is more fun than it is monotonous. You feel me?...#Heaven

Avicii ft. Simon Aldred - Heaven


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