Thursday, March 17, 2016

Nothing But Happy Color & Rhythms for marshmello

If you've listened to any marshmello track, you already know how perfect his music translates to video games. Seeing him features on the latest League of Legends soundtrack was about as big of a match made in heaven as you can get. Even though his new one below may not be made for a video game, if you can't imagine some epic e-adventure happening to the beat of Colour, you're out of your mind. marshmello's style is the epitome of happy. The high pitched, bouncy synths consistently make for an easy listening, at times motivational vibe. I'm a huge fan of feel good vibes, which is why the mello that marsh brings will always have a home on GWDJ's lawn of the internet...#Colour

marshmello - CoLoUR (Original Mix)


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