Monday, March 07, 2016

Yet Another Symphony of Electronics From deadmau5

I can't claim to say that I love everything deadmau5 puts out. He lives on the edge musically, which makes it hard for me to consistently vibe with music he puts out. All that being said, his ceiling for being a genius creator of music is as high as anyone making music right now. His ability to strip down, build up, rinse, repeat for minutes on end is something that he does better than everyone in EDM. It's the reason why I'll always get goosebumps when listening to Strobe.

Speaking of intricate classics, his newly minted track will remind you a lot Strobe. It's a full nine minutes of mellow, layered synths. There are build ups, but they're gentle enough to allow you to appreciate how something so simple sounding can be complex. It's the type of track that you immediately know is done by deadmau5 because of the crispness and attention to detail. I haven't heard a track that I like this much from Joel in a long time, so cheers to that good news on a Monday...#deadmau5

deadmau5 - 4ware 01


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