Tuesday, March 22, 2016

"All She Hit Me With is Come and See Me For Once"

A new slow jam from PARTYNEXTDOOR and Drake, eh? Evidently the whole OVO crew did a number on the Converse Fader Fort showcase this past week. Consider the momentum continued with Come and See Me. The production has 40's fingerprints all over it, reminding me a lot of my favorite Drake tracks. There's plenty of heartfelt, mellow vibes in the mix, making it a perfect late night track to cool out to. Imagine for a second...a lonely night coming home from the bar empty handed and listening to this before you make the fateful decision of pouring one last Johnny Walker neat to put you over the top. It's that type of pondering life and relationships that a song like this will bring to the forefront. It's tracks like this that I will always be able to vibe with because it reminds me of struggles in the past. The happiness wouldn't exist without something to compare it to, so don't feel bad when you're singing along because I sure didn't...#ComeAndSeeMe

PARTYNEXTDOOR feat Drake – Come and See Me (prod by 40)


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