Sunday, March 27, 2016

Slushii Will Make You Feel Good on Easter Sunday

First and foremost, Happy Easter to you and yours from the GWDJ crew! Seeing that Spring has now sprung and today is a holiday for some folks, it seems only fitting Slushii blessed us with a bouncy new beat to indulge in. In many ways, Slushii and marshmello are cornering the market in boisterous, upbeat electronic music. Everything from the high pitched samples, to the energetic synths, to the bubbly, cartoony cover art. It's rainbows and butterflys on speed when they get behind the decks.

Make Me Feel is every bit as energetic as you'd hope for a track released on Easter. There's a mellow ebb and flow between drops, but don't get it twisted, there's plenty of getting after it post-drop. It's happiness manifested into a full four minutes of smiling and wildin' out. Feel free and grab a free copy of this over here while you break bread with friends and family over Easter eggs this evening...#MakeMeFeel

Slushii - Make Me Feel


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