Monday, March 14, 2016

Majid Jordan & Drake's My Love Gets Chill Bass Treatment

Back in July 2015 I gushed about the original version of Majid Jordan and Drake's My Love. I loved it from the emotion it brought and how it put Drake back into R&B mode, which was a nice treat. As much as the original was all that and a bag of chips, the chill, slow bass rework they did on the track (below) is something special. The way they were able to tease in some electronics and come in strong with the bass for the hook made for a fun listen. Shoot, they even let Drizzy's verse keep the limelight toward the end when they chopped up the beat for emphasis. I sincerely wish more artists would take notes on what Majid and a lot of EDM acts are doing when they give a successfully song of theirs a new personality. Join me in collectively zoning out to the calming vocals and soothing bass...#MyLoveRemix

Majid Jordan feat Drake - My Love (Remix)


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